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THE ST. LOUIS RECORD COLLECTOR & CD SHOW began over 39 years ago as a simple way for collectors of records, CD's, LP's, record & movie memorabliia, posters, magazines, T-Shirts, DVD's, VHS tapes, Golden Age Radio Shows, and, any other related media-forms, to get together to buy, sell, or, trade...and it's turned into one of the largest shows of its kind in the Mid-West !

Today, the show is bigger & better than it's ever been and if you're a Collector of records, CD's, or, any of the above-mentioned items, and you live in the St. Louis Area - or will be there sometime in the future - make plans to attend one of these fantastic shows !  No matter what you collect be it rock, pop, heavy metal, big band, country, punk, R&B, Northern Soul, classical, etc., you will probably find what you're looking for, and meet some great people in the process !!

One of the shows original founders, Carl Kuelker, along with his partner, John Frese, runs the show, and they are continually striving to make sure that both dealers & customers have a GREAT experience each and everytime the doors open on that Sunday morning when the show begins.  Oh, when do the doors open, and when are the shows ?  Well, you'll find out that and much, much more at their Official WebSite ! 

They've spared no-expense in having one of the finest, most unique Collector Sites you'll EVER see built. It's both an Informational & Visual experience of the highest caliber where you'll find out the show dates & times, admission & table costs, and, location & driving instructions. 

PLUS,  the Site is loaded with Special, Custom-Built Features & Tributes like: 

  A  "HALLOWEEN SPECIAL" Production that took over 3 weeks to create & produce and involves Music, Movies, TV & Radio, all combined with stunning, mind-blowing, visuals & special effects, and it starts with a greeting from the Original "Dracula" himself, BELA LUGOSI !  This is one Special Feature that you will come back to see, and listen to, time-after-time !  

 A  Special CHRISTMAS PRESENTATION  featuring one of the most famous Christmas Classics of all-time, and complete information on the artists that recorded it !

  A Special Tribute to "THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED",  Feb. 3, 1959, when Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and, The Big Bopper were killed...with an actual Radio News Bulletin announcing the tragic plane crash, plus music, newspaper headline articles, rare info, memories & pictures !

  A Special Tribute to "THE DAY ELVIS DIED...AUGUST 16, 1977". This is another Feature that took over 100 hours of  Research & Production to create. It includes, not only the actual Radio News Bulletin announcing the death of Elvis but, music, newspaper headlines, rare, never-before-seen photos & pictures from private Archives, and information  & memories of Elvis first-published and made available especially for you on the St. Louis Record Collector & CD Show Site.

A Specially-Created , Custom-Built "TIME MACHINE"  with over a hundred images that will visually transport you through the decades of  Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, and ALL forms of music, as well as culture changes...the elements & styles that brought us "From-There-To-Here" !    This is one feature you'll want to share with your friends for sure !!

BUT, there's much more waiting for you at the Official St. Louis Record Collector & CD Show WebSite, so don't wait...check-it out now, find out when the next show happens, and be sure to get there early to find  just what you want !  PLUS, if you go to the Special "SAV-A-BUC" Page on the WebSite and download a copy of it, you'll get yourself a buck-off the admission price when you present it at the door !!

AND, whatever you do, be sure to BOOKMARK the Site for future reference, info, Special Features, and lots more to come !  So you don't forget DO IT RIGHT NOW !! Here's the link:   www.records.thewwbc.net